Monday, September 8, 2008

Please fill your Binder...

with the following materials: (click this link) and bring to class on Wednesday. I am archiving everything that you need, so please make sure you have printed them out and are caught up.

This is a new "up-and-coming" painter and I am quite enamored with her work: Her name is Jessica Hess. The title of the Painting is "Paris."

A Couple of things to note:
1. I created labels for each post, so you can, for example, click on the AP Materials label and access everything that should be in your binder. (It is also on the right side-bar.)
2. Some of you have already "signed up" to "follow" my blog, which will send you an email alert every time I make a post.

Peace, people.


CarlaC said...

Mr.G the materials are not showing up

Mr. G said...

Try clicking the link right under the doc--which will take you directly to the scribd. For some reason this morning, the computer would not show it, and then I tried again and it did.

Persistence and patience.

CarlaC said...

mr.g i clicked every link imaginable for ap materials and it will not work maybe its my computer but i dont think so because i tried it a school also and it would not work i dont know what to do because it will not show up ill try at school tomorow morning again but it isnt working

Jenny L said...

Mr.G, how do you "sign up" or "follow" a blog. I subscribed to this blog. Is that the same thing?

sodaba said...

the painting...reminds me of somewhere in New York.
Paris isn't really like that right?

Mr. G said...

Thanks for trying. I'll print an extra copy for you this morning.

I agree. It does look like NYC--the painting comes from a series of "doors" that she paints, mostly of urban landscapes with graffiti, but I'm sure Paris has places that look like this too. (I've never been tho)