Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Lesson Before Dying & selections from Joyce's Dubliners Period 6

Quan T6
Matt S6
Simon M6

Sunday Dec 2: Read to pg 102 (up to ch 14) ALBD

Wednesday Dec 5: Blog Session 1 ends ALBD

Saturday Dec 8: Read pgs 103 – 177 (ch 14 – 22) ALBD

Tuesday Dec 11: Blog session 2 ends ALBD

Saturday Dec 15: Read to finish (ch 23 – 31) ALBD

Monday Dec 17: Blog session 3 ends ALBD

JJ short stories TBA

Mrs. Dalloway Period 6

Jessica S6
Kathryn W6
Faedhra W6
Emily L6

1. Read to page 65 by Nov 30, Friday Group Discussion/ Blog from Dec 2, Saturday to Dec 3 Monday *Check blog throughout the days
2. Read to page 130 by Dec 7, Friday Group Discussion/ Blog from Dec 8, Saturday to Sunday *Check blog throughout the days
3. Read the rest of the book, to page 197 by Dec 14, Friday Group Discussion/ Blog from Dec 15, Saturday to Sunday *Check blog throughout the days
4. Read the FORWARD & TBD by Dec 18, Tuesday (unsure if there is other additional reading with this book) Final Group Discussion/ Blog on December 19, Wednesday. *Check blog throughout the day

Invisible Man Period 6

Laurie M6

Amy H6

chapters 1-12 due 11.27.07
blog convo #1 due 12.1.07 (by 11:59pm)

chapters 12-16 due 12.5.07 blog convo #2 due 12.8.07 (by 11:59pm)

chapters 16-21 due 12.12.07 blog convo #3 due 12.15.07 (by 11:59pm)

chapters 21-3nd due 12.19.07 blog convo #4 due 12.22.07 (by 11:59pm)

Madame Bovary Period 6

Michelle P6
Meg S6
Katie S6
Sarah C6

Part One read by: 11/28
First blog session on Part One by: 11/30
Part Two read by: 12/5
Second blog session on Part Two by: 12/7
Part Three read by: 12/12
Third blog session on Part Three by: 12/14
Essays at the end read by: 12/19
Fourth blog session on Essays by: 12/21

Ghetto Nation & Savage Inequalities Period 6 Group 2

Michael R6
Emily R6
Benwit L6
Alexander A6
Christina H6

Tuesday November 27th: pg 1-100 Ghetto Nation
Friday November 30th: Blog Session 1 ends
Tuesday December 4th: pg 101-196 Ghetto Nation
Friday December 7th: Blog Session 2 ends
Tuesday December 11: pg 1-150 Savage Inequalities
Friday December 14th: Blog Session 3 ends
Tuesday December 18th: 151-end Savage Inequalities
Thursday December 20th: Blog Session 4 ends

Reading Lolita in Tehran Period 6


Linda Y6
Shuyi G6
Erika R6

November 26
Finish Chapters 1 and 2
pg. 1 - 154

November 26 to 30
Blog on Chapters 1 and 2

December 3
Finish Chapter 3
pg. 155 - 254

December 3 to 7
Blog on Chapter 3

December 10
Finish Chapter 4
pg. 255 - 340

December 10 to 14
Blog on Chapter 4

December 17
Finish Epilogue

December 17 to 23
Blog on Epilogue and Overall Thoughts on the Book

Love in the Time of Cholera Period 6


Thespina G6
Jessica F6
Ping L6
Luana D6

Tuesday Nov. 26-start blog session #1 on pages 1-163.
Saturday Dec. 1-Blog Session #1 Due!!

Monday Dec. 3-start blog session #2 on pages 165-224
Saturday Dec. 8-Blog Session #2 Due!!

Monday Dec. 10-start blog session #3 on pages 224-278
Saturday Dec. 15-Blog Session #3 Due!!

Monday Dec 17-start blog session #4 on pages 279-348
Saturday Dec 22-Blog Session #4 Due!!

Ghetto Nation & Come On People Period 6 Group 1

Brian A6
Nina F6
Elina R6
Emily T6

Finish Ghetto Nation by Cora Daniels by December 1, 2007

Start Bill Cosby's Come On People on December 1, 2007

First posts on First half of Ghetto Nation due: December 1, 2007 (at
least five a per person)

Second blog post on second half of Ghetto Nation due: December 5,
2007 (again try for at least five a piece)

Third blog post Come on People (first half) due: December 10, 2007 (Not to be
repetitive but try for at least five a piece again)

Final Blog Come on People (second half and maybe connecting the two books) due:
December 19, 2007

Madame Bovary Period 5


Casie S5
Stephanie P5
Angela S5
Janelle C5

Monday November 26th

Read the first 173 pages of the book.
First blog check will be on this day if it is set up. If not set up by this day, the blog check will be on Wednesday the 28th.
Monday December 3rd
Read up to page 225.
Blog Check.
Monday December 10th
Read up to page 255
Blog Check
Monday December 17th

Read up to page 303
Final Blog Check

Ghetto Nation & Savage Inequalities Period 5 Group 2


Danielle S5
Mario R5
Diana P5
Kenneth M5

due date to finish reading Ghetto Nation.

Post the first blog about ghetto Nation

Secong blog post on Ghetto Nation

due date to be done reading the second book.

1st blog post on second book

Last blog on second book due

Final bog posts due on both books.

The Town and the City Period 5


Andrew D5
Derek D5

Schedule TBD

Snow Country & The Sound of Waves Period 5


Wendy C5
Shaun N5
Chris O5
Kevin T5
Kristin D5

November 30 – Finish reading Part One of Snow Country
December 2 – 4-5 blog comments due from each member
December 5 – Finish reading Part Two of Snow Country
December 8 – 4-5 blog comments due from each member
December 12 – Finish reading first half of The Sound of Waves
December 15 – 4-5 blog comments due from each member
December 19 – Finish reading second half of The Sound of Waves
December 21 – 4-5 blog comments due from each member

Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis & Other Stories Period 5

Caitlyn H5
Mark D5
Rodney B5
William C5

Monday December 2nd: Finish reading the Foreward and “Description of a Struggle” First blog is due.

Thursday December 6th: Finish reading “Metamorphosis” and second blog is due.

Wednesday December 12th: Finish reading “Wedding Preparations in the Country”, “The Judgement”, “In the Penal Colony”, and “The Village Schoolmaster [The Giant Mole]” and third blog is due.

Tuesday December 18th: Finish reading “Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor”, “The Warden of the Tomb”, “A Country Doctor”, “The Hunter Gracchus”, “The Hunter Gracchus: A Fragment”, “The Great Wall of China”, and “The News of the Building of the Wall: A Fragment.” Final blog is due

Ghetto Nation & Savage Inequalities Period 5 Group 1

Kathleen D5
Kev Tra5
Ronald D5
Ashley S5

Wednesday, November 28th: Blogs on up to chapter 4 due
Wednesday, December 5th: Blogs on the remaining chapters of Ghetto Nation due
Wednesday, December 12th: Blogs on up to chapter 4 of Savage Inequalities due
Wednesday, December 19th: Blogs on the remaining chapters of Savage Inequalities due

Reading Lolita in Tehran Period 5

Ricki L5

Doris T5

Natalia A5
Stephen T5

Edmund H5

Nov. 29th Finish reading Section Lolita
Sat December 1st: Have blog on Lolita completed
December 6th: Finish Reading Gatsby
December 8th: Have blog on Gatsby completed
December 13th: Finish Reading James
December 14th: Should be starting Austen
December 15th: Have blog on James completed
December 19th: Finish reading Austen
December 21st: Have blog on Austen completed

Group members are encouraged to read ahead and take 10-20 minutes a day checking the blog and posting comments, questions, answers, etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creating a Personal Mythos (Olsonian-style)

This assignment allows you to research a subject (or person, or place, or idea, etc.) that interests you--preferably inspired by the movie. You need to take the knowledge gained from intense research and transform it into a creative piece. This could be a poem, a visual display, a recording, a video, or a performance....(or anything else I am missing)--but the piece must include language from the research. I would like to have you present these in class on Tuesday, November 20th.

This is worth 20 points and will be assessed through a two-three page (700-1000 words) response in which you explain the process of researching, what you learned, and how your creative piece tries to express this knowledge.

You may obviously use first person in your explanation--I am looking for a level of meta-cognition here: are you noticing what your mind notices and how it reacts? Proper citation not required.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Olson links for y'all

First here are the links for the packet of poems that you have:

Also, this is a UPENN's site that lists a bunch of Olson voice recordings.

You can also go to their main page and look up any of the writers from the movie that interest you and listen to them lecture or read poems--it's a pretty amazing resource.

A very good site by The University of New York / Buffalo for Olson source material.

Required: Finally, I would like you all to read this essay: Projective Verse before class.

Do your best with all of this--the more questions you have, the more I can sense that you actually read it. This is not easy stuff, ladies and gents--but it is important to your existence as a human.

Polis Is This

here's the flyer for the MFA Boston showing:

here is Henry Ferrini's website--there's also a bio on him....please read up and be prepared. Oh yeah, you Kerouac scholars might want to notice that he has a film on Kerouac called Lowell Blues.

here's a review of Lowell Blues

here's a review of Polis Is This, followed by a bunch of blog posts on Olson by Ron Silliman. Worth reading--you bet.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plum Plum Pickers passage explications

Please post your papers

in this comment stream if you are period 6.

Plum Plum Pickers passage explications

Please post your papers

in this comment stream if you are period 5.

I have too Munch to do...

that I can't keep up with my promise of posting all those wonderful creative covers and chapters that I received. Plus I had to make JPGs of the Word files in order to post etc. I hope to do that some day.

This is Edvard Munch's "The Scream". Munch was a very good painter and there is a good Simpsons version of this painting--but I digress. The title for this painting has always intrigued me--Is life really scary, i.e--worthy of a scream, or absurdly funny, as in ha ha that's a scream?

Anyway, you may want to scream because of my sophomoric puns--but I just want to dance.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Please consult the following page. Everyone needs some help with pronouns! I expect you to ask questions on what you need help on in class. But from now on, your writing needs to banish 2nd person and your pronouns must agree with its antecedent.

Literature Circles: December

We will spend December on A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce.

Here are some works of Tragedy and / or Modernism (though not all choices fit perfectly)

Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
A Lesson Before Dying (supplemented by selections from Joyce's Dubliners), Ernest J. Gaines
Ghetto Nation, Cora Daniels and Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol
Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi
Snow Country, Yasunari Kawabata (plus one more from the list in back of book of Japanese Literature)
Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka
Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison
Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf
Town and the City, Jack Kerouac
A Vonnegut Novel (Slaughterhouse-Five, supplemental material)
Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe) will need a supplement (Possibly Amiri Baraka)
Othello and Tempest, Shakespeare (with essays)
Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel García Márquez

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Myth and the Modern World Quartely Test

on Friday October 2nd, 2007
Be prepared to explain the significance of either of these quotations and explain how they relate to Modernism.

Portrait of Kafka done by Andy Warhol.

Kafka described in a letter to Klopstock: “If we were on the right road, having to leave it would mean endless despair. But we are on a road that only leads to a second one, and then to a third one, and so forth, and the real highway will not be sighted for a long time—perhaps never—and we drift in doubt, but also in inconceivably beautiful diversity; so the accomplishment of hopes remains an always unexpected miracle, but in compensation, the miracle remains forever possible.

cover of Duncan's book done by the painter / collage artist Jess (Collins)

Robert Duncan, 20th Century American poet, writes in his essay “Towards an Open Universe”, “Beauty strikes us and may be fearful, as there is great beauty in each step as Oedipus seeks the heart of tragedy, his moment of truth, as he tears out his eyes, and sees at last. . . For in our common human suffering, in loss and longing, an intuition of poetic truth may arise”(Duncan 79).