Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creating a Personal Mythos (Olsonian-style)

This assignment allows you to research a subject (or person, or place, or idea, etc.) that interests you--preferably inspired by the movie. You need to take the knowledge gained from intense research and transform it into a creative piece. This could be a poem, a visual display, a recording, a video, or a performance....(or anything else I am missing)--but the piece must include language from the research. I would like to have you present these in class on Tuesday, November 20th.

This is worth 20 points and will be assessed through a two-three page (700-1000 words) response in which you explain the process of researching, what you learned, and how your creative piece tries to express this knowledge.

You may obviously use first person in your explanation--I am looking for a level of meta-cognition here: are you noticing what your mind notices and how it reacts? Proper citation not required.

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