Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome . . . Your First Assignment

poster for the first New York solo exhibition by SWOON in 2005

I am very excited for this year--but I'll leave my gushing for our face-to-face meeting . . .
I'd like to get a bunch of this bookkeeping stuff out of the way; it's mostly following directions, but will make life easier once it is all set up.

1. Email me your email address to ryanseangallagher AT gmail DOT com (asap).  Create a professional email if you need one.  (I am very google-centric, so it helps to have a google account for blogger, google docs, and google calendar.)  Once you do this I will be able to:
  • send you an invite to my google calendar for the class
  • set up your snapgrades account
2. Log in to your blogger account.  Go to the Dashboard.  Change your Display Name to your first name and last initial--or some nickname that is obvious.  (If you need help, please come by and I will show you how to do this.)  When you are done, make a comment in this post--a brief hello is fine.
  • Also not a bad idea to have email alerts sent to you when I post on the blog, as I use it often, or become a "follower". 
 Summer Work:
  • Reader's notebook: you can turn it in today (9.2.10) for full credit, or you can turn it in on Tuesday 9.7.10 for a deduction of 5 points (out of 100).
    • This is a completion grade. It will be scored in the Reader's Notebook section of your grades.
  • Blog Posts: Ms. Clapp is scoring and giving me the results.  Posts appearing after today (9.2.10) will not be scored.
    • This is a completion grade. It will be scored in the Homework section of your grades.
  • You will also have a Question 3. style, open-response prompt on Tuesday (9.7.10) in-class.
    • This will be scored on the APE rubric, which you will see often this year.
    • It will appear in the Quizzes and Open-Responses section of your grades.
    • If you would like to look at some examples of this style of writing and practice scoring, here's a link. You will find tons of past exams and actual student responses with actual scores and explanations--(you will soon see that I am a firm believer in your independence with this aspect of the course.)
Okay, that was a lot of information. . . let's see how this goes!

AP Syllabus 2010 - 2011

Gallagher AP Syllabus 2010 - 2011