Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Olson links for y'all

First here are the links for the packet of poems that you have:

Also, this is a UPENN's site that lists a bunch of Olson voice recordings.

You can also go to their main page and look up any of the writers from the movie that interest you and listen to them lecture or read poems--it's a pretty amazing resource.

A very good site by The University of New York / Buffalo for Olson source material.

Required: Finally, I would like you all to read this essay: Projective Verse before class.

Do your best with all of this--the more questions you have, the more I can sense that you actually read it. This is not easy stuff, ladies and gents--but it is important to your existence as a human.


Ricki L5 said...

I'm sorry, but I read the essay and it went through my brain and out my ear. Can anyone help me understand?

Mr. G said...

Good idea--y'all should start small tho: What in the essay did you understand? Little by little you may be able to build some understanding. I think it is a great idea to use this space for that.

Matthew S. 6 said...
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ashley S5 said...

wow, this was really hard to read. i view this as a guide to readers and inspired writers and poets to what it takes to become a successful author. It gives examples to what to do and not to do. it idicates the values and morals that are in a poem. like the syllable. can any one define syllable? syllable- is a sound that can be said without interruption and are usually a vowel which can have consonants before and/or after it. Does any one in class ever use thses specific techniques that are being described

Christina H 6 said...

I agree with Ashley that Charles Olsen writes the Projective Verse as an informational piece for other writers. His main goal is to differentiate traditional poems from the 'modernist' poems. He advises the poets to break from traditional verses in order to truly express his thoughts and emotions as they come to him. The writer should attempt to convey the same energy he feels about a subject onto paper, so that the readers could feel it too.

Ping L 6 said...

I agree with Christina when she said that Olson "advises the poets to break from traditional verses". He wants them to embrace new ideas because he believes that "the trouble with most work is: contemporary workers go lazy RIGHT HERE WHERE THE LINE IS BORN." He believes that if they stay right where they are and keep on writing with traditional ideas, they will become lazy.