Monday, September 15, 2008

Agenda for week of 9.15.08

Hello Bloggers.
The agenda for the week is as follows:

9.15.08: Point of View Paper due.
9.16.08: Read 67-70 on characterization and do two-sided notes. Also bring in memoir that you will be reading for class. You should be caught up in building and posting past work on your blog.
9.17.08: Do to the unfortunate nature of Rotation, this class will not meet.
9.18.08: Read "The Red Carpet" by Lavanya Sankaran and prepare for SLD. Please note the switch on the syllabus. I think this story will serve our purposes better and I find it quite interesting. I will send you a copy by email or hand you a hard copy. You will have an initial SLD on the blog, which will be due by class-time.
9.19.08: Be ready for first "tone vocabulary row"--we will only devote 15 minutes, so be prepared. Also read "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker and prepare for SLD.

Image: After Hans Holbein. 1993
Encaustic on canvas
32 9/16 x 25 5/8" (82.7 x 65.1 cm)
Private collection
© 1996 Jasper Johns/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY


Cynthia R said...

mr gallagher,
i have been sitting here on my computer trying to figure out how to make the header only appear starting on the second page and trying to figure out how to label the posts as "summer work" and "essay" but i can do neither.

i will try my best but maybe you can explain it to me tomorrow again


Matt Z! said...

hey Mr. G

I know this is pretty off topic, but I'm just curious if you get some kind of notification on your Dashboard every time someone comments on one of your blogs

I'm a loser and nobody has commented me yet, therefore I wouldn't be able to say for myself


Mr. G said...


In a word doc: Go to insert, page numbers--then choose top right and "uncheck" the little box that says show number on first page. This is the easiest way (I think, tho there are many ways) and then you can just double click the header and add your last name to it.

I'm glad you asked tho, you're not the only one and Word isn't always intuitive.



You're not a loser! People will comment on your blog, and if they don't--then you can grow up and be an English teacher and plenty of people will comment on your blog!

I choose not to be alerted b/c it would overwhelm me with emails--I'm already overwhelmed by life.

Peace, bloggies.