Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Endless Stops


Video by Kevin T 5, Quan T 6, Simon M 6.


Kristin D. 5 said...

I love it. I take long naps and chill on the blog at like 1 in the morning but this was entertaining. It's funny how Quan says he knows where he is going and starts walking toward a sign that says high voltage. I think it gets Charles Olson's ideas across and I can tell you guys did research because of the information Simon gave the viewers about the trains. You guys are great!

Kristin D. 5 said...

Oh, I didn't mean for my "high voltage" sentence to connect with the next sentence because I don't think Charles Olson idea was to do that.

Simon M 6 said...

There are a few or maybe just three, easter eggs(errors) in there.. can you find them? :)

kevin said...

funny how the ending looked like quan was enlightened
also ironic how he stood next to the high voltage box sign