Friday, March 21, 2008

"Pretty Ophelia--" (King Claudius) A4:S5

Natalie Dessay "Ophelia Scene"

Thought you all might be interested in this. Can anyone translate? We only have 35 minutes on Monday for our Student-Led-Discussion (due to the short period, early release day). I think it might help things if we figure out what we want to focus on before we come in--feel free to post your topic ideas and why before class. I think the Elaine Showalter essay should be helpful and incredibly interesting for your theories.

Please post your ideas for class discussion if you get a chance after reading....

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Angela S5 said...

I really enjoyed the essay and it was interesting that there are so many different ideas and theories about Ophelia and her role in this play. One thing I think that we should focus on id her relationship with her father and how she is feeling now that he has died. We can compare her reaction to death with Hamlet's reaction to his father's death.
Also, it would be nice to discuss why women are always either pure and innocent or strumpets. Why do we seem to always categorize women in literature?