Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Act 3:1 - 3:2


Most of Act 3:1 and the end of Act 3:2. Feel free to comment about what you think of this portrayal based on your developing theories of the characters involved. (You may only critique my over-acting skills if you include textual evidence from Hamlet at the beginning of Act 3:2.)

Optional of course, but I'm entirely curious...


Mario R. 5 said...

i don't know mr. g this guy is pretty good you might have some compettion. wow so that was a two way mirror thats pretty good. mr.g where do you get these videos because i want to put it on my blog.

Katie S6 said...

This video only helps make my point that Hamlet at first did not know Claudius & Polonius were listening up until he asks where Ophilia's father was. This is how i pretty much saw the scene in my head anyways, except not so dramatic towards the end. But now i just have a lot of questions towards Ophelia and Hamlet. Did she love him ever? she still has yet reveal that and also did he really love her? In the clip its easily seen that they both do care for one another and thats why he gets so upset when she realizes shes playing him. But this is just a movie, they never really follow the books. I just am really curious to see how their relationship plays out in the end of the story.