Monday, March 3, 2008

Do schools today kill creativity? Ken Robinson

Found this interesting--would be curious to know what any of you think on the matter? Feel free to post.


Kevin Tr . 5. said...

i'm surprised noyone commented on this

Ken's speech is both educational, and addicting to the humor he adds.
Great presentation.

love the little girl and god part =]

Kevin Tr . 5. said...

Lets not grow out of being artists.

Christina H 6 said...

Mr. Robinson is so right. Society has created an educational system that many times discourages creativity. One of my teachers shared an interesting story that relates to this topic. She had attended a teacher workshop in another district. She was surrounded by many teachers who were from affluent communities such as Newton South, and from "top" high schools like Boston Latin. At the workshop, the host led a presentation on effective teaching methods. My teacher noticed that the presentation lacked interaction, which she believed is a key component in the children's learning process, so she spoke up and voiced her suggestion. "Have you ever considered asking the children what they think [about an issue, the given information, etc.]?" A teacher, who happened to be from Newton South, sitting next to her curtly remarked, "Yeah, like they’d actually have something to say.” It’s wrong to simply assume the students can’t add to the classroom, but it’s even worse when the teacher doesn’t even give the students a chance to raise questions to challenge the text and further enhance their learning experience. By the way, my teacher obviously did not let the other teacher get away with what he said. She let him know that the teachers in Malden enjoy the diverse ideas that the students bring to the classroom, and that these students are the ones who will bring change to their communities.