Saturday, October 3, 2009

Agenda for week of 10.5.09

Shameless self-promotion: If you are interested, feel free to read some of my translations and 'metas' on eXchanges (I'm second from the bottom.) It is the University of Iowa's MFA online journal for literary translation candidates and they were nice enough to solicit me for some work this summer.

: Your final translation assignment is due on Monday, Oct 5th in class. Monday is a shortened period, so I'll have just enough time to collect work. I'm also going to take this opportunity to hand work back to you (I'm completely caught up in grading.)

10.6.09: Nothing due in class. We are going to be discussing the college essay during class. The first draft of your college essay will be due in class on Thursday, October 8th. I'll make a separate post early this week about things we will discuss in class, including a rubric.

: No class (due to the unfortunate nature of rotation.)

10.8.09: 1st draft of college essay due in class. Bring three copies. We'll workshop them.

10.9.09: Class will meet in the library; guidance will be running a college application / life after high school seminar thingy. You won't want to miss.

Upcoming Events:

  • read Ibsen's A Doll's House for Tuesday, October 13th. Post-it note the play for moments which highlight how Ibsen creates characterization.
  • final draft of college essay due on Tuesday, October 13th. (You are more than welcome to write as many versions of this essay as you want and sit down with me after school and I will continue to offer suggestions and critiques.


SamP1 said...

Mr. Gallagher. Usually you post a little something about the image you include, but you didn't this time and I'm curious as to what it's all about.

R. Gallagher said...

Sam. Thanks for noticing that I always cite things. The image was from the site I linked to on eXchanges--I don't know anything about the image except that it is essentially the 'cover' for that online issue of the mag.