Friday, March 20, 2009

Research Paper Due. . .

Monday, March 23rd, 2009. This means printed out and organized as you walk into class. If you are late, the paper is late. Late papers lose a letter grade.

All MLA guidelines must be followed. Please take note of them. If they are not followed, I will not accept the paper and your paper will bve considered late. The only exceptions to the MLA format are that you can single space the Annotated Works Cited & Consulted to save some paper. Also, I do not want any images in the body of the paper--I want them before your first page.

The paper must be a minimum of 13 pages--
Order of things to be held together by a paper clip:
  • Images
  • Your Paper
  • Works Cited
  • Works Consulted
  • Rubric (see previous post and print out--if you don't print out, you will not receive comments.)

Good luck, and work hard...Peace


Kristen W. said...

Hey mr G!

I was wondering, are we supposed to number our works cited and works consulted page as if they were part of the paper..?

For example: White 16 and White 17

Anonymous said...

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