Monday, September 10, 2007

Red Shift Explication Assignment

Here is the link to the text of "Red Shift"

Here is the audio link to the text of "Red Shift"

Your open response paper explicating this poem is due on Wednesday. I would like a hard copy when you walk into class. Please reference the handouts, especially on how to craft a complex thesis.

Finally, a not-so-subtle reminder for those of you who have forgotten some “poetic truths” over the summer: 1. It is the speaker of a poem (not the narrator) who “speaks” the lines; it is also not the poet or the poem who speaks. 2. Indicate line breaks / with a slash. Indicate stanza breaks // with two slashes.

Remember, just because you say so doesn’t make something true. You need to prove it. (As explicators of writing, we must stick to what we can prove.) Also, avoid cliché like the plague (this, for instance, is a cliché.) It is a lazy use of language.

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