Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Robert Duncan’s “Often I am Permitted”

Painting by Jess (Burgess F. Collins, Robert Duncan's life-long lover): The Enamord Mage, Translation #6, 1965 (the head is Robert Duncan's)

You have an explication of Robert Duncan’s “Often I am Permitted” (scroll to bottom) due. It should adhere to MLA formatting guidelines and be posted on your blog by Dec. 13th @ noon.

Please consult the following post: “the made place (PoemTalk #27)”—and make use of the background info and the audio clip. But when it comes to the explication, I am only interested in how the poem works to create meaning. For this style of paper, disregard anything that can not be proved with what the text provides.

You will be graded on the APE rubric and it will count in the Quizzes and Open-Response category.

This is a collage (paste-up) from Jess. If you want to see more of his art, go here: Narkissos: The Influential Collage Art of Jess Collins

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