Monday, April 26, 2010

Agenda for week of 4.26.10

4.26.10: Monday, Day 6: SRD on Jane Eyre, volumes 2 and 3. All blog posts due.
4.27.10: Tuesday, Day 5: SRD on Nina Schwartz's "No Place Like Home: The Logic of the Supplement in Jane Eyre." pgs. 549-564.
4.28.10: Wednesday, Day 4 (Long Block): SRD on Elsie Michie's "White Chimpanzees and Oriental Despots: Racial Stereotyping and Edward Rochester." pgs. 584-597.
4.29.10: Thursday, Day 3: Putting it all together, test prep for Question 3 style prompt.
4.30.10: Friday, Day 2: In-class Question 3 style prompt on Jane Eyre.

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