Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Agenda and notes for 3.17.10

Hello all.

The last AP prep session is this Saturday at the high school. I've emailed you the agenda.

Homework due:
  • 3.18.10: prepare for SRD on Act 3: Scene 1
  • 3.19.10: read Act 3: Scene 2, work on Reader's Notebooks
  • 3.22.10: no class, video critique (formal MLA formatting) due by 3:00 p.m. Assignment coming soon.
  • 3.23.10: 15 citation cards, 40 research cards
Finally, you are all signed up for the AP Lit. exam. If you would like to take the AP Language exam, as we discussed in class today, please make a post by Friday morning in this comment stream that says: "I would like to take the AP Language exam, please order one for me."


Jackie said...

I'd like to take both please...

Sandy. J said...

I'll take it.

SamP1 said...

I prefer not to take the exam again.

R. Gallagher said...

Steph Jean is taking exam

R. Gallagher said...

Gaelle will take it