Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4TH QUARTER SCHEDULE & AGENDA (4.6.09 – 5.7.09)

24 x 22 x 8 7/8 inches
61 x 55.9 x 22.5 cm

A couple points before you look at the assignment breakdowns for the rest of the quarter.

  1. Late work for Major Assignments & Notebooks will have a letter grade deducted for every day late. No exceptions. Late ‘Homework’ will not be accepted. No exceptions.
  2. If you miss class, you will receive a zero for SLDs. If it is an excused absence, you may complete a passage explication assignment (graded on the AP rubric) on the day you return to class. Late work will not be accepted.

Jane Eyre Notebook: 15 %

  • Collected on May 8th, the day after AP Exam. Please keep updated on this.

Student-Led Discussions SLDs: 15 %

  • SLDs and Notebook are how you will be graded (mostly) on Jane Eyre. Consult Rubric for SLD again. I want to grade you more on the depth of close reading analysis. I will be varying how SLD is run to involve (force) more of you to speak.

In-Class Writing Prompts: 15 %

  • April 9th, April 29th

Homework: 15 %

  • Independent Reading Assignment (TBA) 5%
  • Blog Posts (2 for Jane Eyre) 5%
  • AP Test Prep 5%

Major Assignments: 40 %

  • Create paired poetry assignment (Romantic Era w/ “It’s a Woman’s World”) with meta. Due April 16th.
  • Option Assignment—this does not mean optional, it means you will have choices. Due May 4th.
    1. Create paired poetry assignment (two poems from similar eras) with meta.
    2. Attend and review poetry reading and / or panel discussion and / or lecture and write review (publish somewhere) with meta. Must pass with me in advance. I know of some readings coming up.
    3. John Wieners and Munch research Assignment with meta.
    4. Create AP multiple choice for poetry or passage with meta.
  • A ‘couple-two-three’ things after AP Exam (with a little more creative flair.)

Last Day of Classes May 21st.

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