Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Olson link for y'all

First off, here are some audio links for the packet of poems that you have (in case you want to hear them read by Olson):

Also, this is UPENN's site that lists a bunch of Olson voice recordings.

You can also go to their main page and look up any of the writers from the movie that interest you and listen to them lecture or read poems--it's a pretty amazing resource.

A very good site by The University of New York / Buffalo for Olson source material.

Required: Finally, I would like you all to read this essay: Projective Verse before class on Thursday.

Do your best with all of this--the more questions you have, the more I can sense that you actually read it. This is not easy stuff, ladies and gents--but it is important to your existence as a human. We will use class time for SLD on Olson's poetry and prose on Wednesday & Thursday (if school is not canceled due to snow). What we don't get to in class will be your responsibility at home.

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