Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Agenda for Week of 10.6.08

Michael Stravato's photo for the New York Times: Cy Twombly at Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston in front of the gallery's largest painting, "Say Goodbye, Catullus, to the Shores of Asia Minor." June 3, 2005 (one of my favorite all-time paintings.)
Sorry for the delay in posting.

Focus: Tone, Style, and Diction (continued) & Memoir

10.6.08: Two copies of your first draft of your Creative Style Paper due in class. Begin workshop.
10.7.08: Have comments ready for the two papers you read for workshop. Memoirs should be completely read by now.
10.8.08: Due to the unfortunate nature of rotation, our class will not meet.
10.9.08: Final Draft of Style paper due, with attached Rubric and meta-cognition.
10.3.08: Independent reading project due. 3 of 5 options. You only have to do one of the options if you decide to go to the Mass Poetry Festival and write a short "review" of it on Saturday. Details to follow.

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