Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Assignment!: Reflective Essay & Blog Portfolio

You are to write a personal-reflective essay of your growth in my class for the year. I am not looking for compliments on my teaching here (and I am certainly not looking for criticism!) You should give an account of an anecdotal moment or two related to class that represent your growth for the year. Like the college essay, you are striving for an engaging memoir, not a resume or a list of achievements. And please AVOID CLICHÉ LIKE THE PLAGUE! Be specific with what we can learn from characters, events, books, how literature has or can have an impact on your life, etc.....700 words.

Due: May 23rd: We will look at your blog in class.

James Sienna, "Corner Drawing", Second Version, graphite on paper, 10 3/4 x 8 1/4", 2000 & "Battery Variation III" (top).

Directions for Blog Portfolio:
  1. Make the above assignment your last (or latest) post—This should mean that it is the first one that appears on your blog when I visit.
  2. Then go to “Edit Posts”. After you click “edit” on whichever post you pick, there is a little box at the bottom of each post. I would like you to label each post under the following categories and republish the posts:
  • Analysis (Formal Essays)
  • Research Paper
  • Personal
  • Creative
  • Notebook Entry
  • On-demand Writing
  • Blog Writing

3. Next, I would like you to choose one piece from each of these categories, as well as your reflective essay, and create another label called:

  • Portfolio

4. Finally, I would like you to leave a comment on each of these "portfolio posts" on why you picked this assignment and what it means to you. This way, when I click on the “Portfolio Label”, I should see your reflective essay, followed by seven choices for your portfolio (feel free to include more) and your comments on each piece.

Helpful Hints:

Make sure your blog is clean: (both in content and in layout)--Your posts should be readable—! If I can’t read, they are of no value! Include pictures in the posts—optional, but a nice touch. Come by for help if you need me to show you how.


Mr. G said...

Post assignment on your blog, not here!

Ricki L5 said...

I have a quick question. If it's a test (in which would go into on demand category) could we scan a copy and post on the blog? I have a test scanned already on mine, I was just wondering if it's alright.

Mr. G said...

Yes. I make new tests every year based on what is covered in class--decided by the class (not me.) But thanks for asking.

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