Thursday, October 11, 2007

Assignment for Williams Explication

William Carlos Williams has a wiki. Read it for some background info if you are interested, but since this is an explication--nothing you read or research is relevant for this type of paper. You are writing a straight-up explication on a poem. Please review the handout on what an explication is as well as the open-response scoring guide before you begin (and before you publish your paper) in the proper post below.

I will be unreachable by email this weekend, but you can feel free and use this comment section if you have questions--maybe one of your peers can answer your question or maybe you can bounce ideas off each other.

Either way, I will see you all bright and early on Monday--we will be reading more Camus. If you have personal needs for your paper, please address them with me outside of class time on Monday. Thanks Blogsters.

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